Connecting financially needy students to paid, part-time job opportunities


As college admissions skyrocket, the number of students in need of some financial support has also continued to increase fuelled by economic recessions. This has forced some full-time students to turn to part-time employment in order to finance the cost of their higher education. The students use most of the money earned to finance essential living expenses.

The problem

The available financial support opportunities for financially needy students in universities are limited and cannot cover all students who need some form of financial support.
University interventions through financial aid and on-campus work-study programmes remains inadequate to cover all students who need financial support. Whereas some students receive some form of financial support, they still struggle to sustain themselves with basics such as meals and accommodation fees.

The challenge

The challenge at hand is to find alternative ways of increasing available paid part-time job opportunities for students in need of financial support to earn some income for their upkeep. We are challenging a team of fellows to build a platform that connects these students to paid part-time job opportunities at scale.

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