We're collaborating to solve the mismatch between the education young people are getting and labor market needs in the digital age

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Establish your organization as a leader in empowering Africa’s youth to thrive in the digital economy.
  • Challenge college talent to co-create tech solutions to business and social problems.
  • Support promising student innovations to reach mainstream market.
  • Introduce your entry level talent to critical workplace productivity skills.

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Join us on demo days to learn more about the hard problems we are solving and how you can get involved. You will spot and hire the finest of college tech talent.

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Support our efforts to nurture and challenge college talent to co-create innovative solutions to tough business and social problems using technology.

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Connecting financially needy students to paid, part-time job opportunities

Join highly talented student fellows to build a web-based platform to connect students who have financial challenges to paid, work-study job opportunities at scale.

Challenge starts on Mar 20th
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Project Submission

An organization submits problem they'd like to solve using technology. Our team assesses the problem and if accepted, the project is launched on our platform for solver applications.


Team Selection

After an intensive selection process, a team of 5-8 comprising outstanding fellows and experienced professionals is formed to implement the project.


Project Planning

Once the team is set, it analyzes the problem and with the guidance of an experienced project manager, comes up with a precise 3-month execution plan.


Project Implementation

For 3 months, the fellows work closely with experienced mentors drawn from academia and industry to implement the project. They collaborate in a fast-paced environment to learn, hone and apply their technical and soft skills in solving real-world challenges.


Project Completion

The three months of intense work culminates in the release of final deliverables which include product prototypes, documentation and code repos. The project is then closed and resources released.


Team Evaluation

Once a project is closed,the project team conducts a lessons-learnt study to examine what went well and what did not, to help future project teams. In addition, team members evaluate each other anonymously for personal reflection and improvement.
Anne Gitau
Programme Director

You have the best of our talent at your disposal. Challenge it!

Do you have a social problem or business need that you would like to challenge our talent to solve through technology?
Tell us about the problem/need and our team will assess it and advise if it can be accepted as an official Solve for Industry project.
Once you get in touch with us, our Programme Director will respond within 48 hours to advise on next steps.
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